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Featured News: April 01, 2018

How to Get a Job in Aged Care in Adelaide

For anyone currently seeking a job in Adelaide or really anywhere on the Australian continent, there is one industry that, as far as anyone can tell, will never stop hiring.

The shortage of skilled aged care workers in Australia means that...

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Featured News: March 31, 2018

Employment Opportunities in Aged Care

 The Aged Care Industry in Australia is growing at a rapid pace. An ageing population, a decline in births, and an increasing average lifespan all contribute to this growth.

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Featured News: March 30, 2018

Employment Opportunities in Disability

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Labour Force Survey, the projected employment level of Aged and Disability carers is set to increase by over 60% by 2022.

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Featured News: March 29, 2018

How to Keep Motivated While Studying

Success in your study is generally linked to staying motivated. A motivated student will find it easier to put in the extra work to guarantee them success. Study Hard, not smart when you face that killer - procrastination.


The following steps...
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Featured News: March 28, 2018

Additional $8.6 Million in Funding for Australian Carers

From October 2018, carers will be able to access new supports and services through the Government’s Carer Gateway website including peer support, counselling, coaching and educational resources.

This is a shift from the current service delivery...

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Featured News: March 26, 2018

The Aged Care Staff Shortage in Adelaide

Australia is facing a profound labor shortage, but it's not in an industry most people would guess. With an ageing population, there is also an increasing demand for aged care professionals.

As people get older, they have a harder time moving,...

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Featured News: November 17, 2017

Work Ready Subsidised Courses!

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Featured News: September 26, 2017

Challenge and Conquer the Mid-life Career Change

When your career comes to an end, or your employment situation is such that you must end it and move on, what do you do after the “Uh oh, I am about to do something very life-altering” idea has time to work through your brain?

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Featured News: September 25, 2017

Aged Care: Your ticket to Job Security

Australia, like many other developed countries, has a rapidly ageing population. As Australia continues to provide its ageing population with a wide variety of aged care options to fit the their various lifestyles this means that there will be ...

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Featured News: September 23, 2017

Have you looked into the NDIS yet?

You may have heard about the 'NDIS' being discussed around the water-cooler recently, but have you looked into what exactly it is? The NDIS is the National Disability Insurance Scheme, a project developed by its instituting agency, the NDIA. The...

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