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5 Tips to a Work, Life, Study Balance.

Featured News: April 27, 2018

Often the question that is on all peoples minds as a student is, how am I going to be able to find that balance between work, life and study.

Getting that qualification under your belt might be great for your career, but how do you find time outside of work AND study to spend time with your family, let alone have time to do the things you need to do just for you?

While juggling all of these things, how can we tackle the problem of managing the demands of a job that may or may not be related to your current position, and the need to maintain balance within our personal lives?

Well, here are 5 tips to a work, life, study balance. 

  1. Create a dedicated study space at home.
    There are so many distractions when you study from home, watching your favourite TV show, making dinner, playing with the dogs, children in your ear. So making a space that is dedicated to your study where no one is allowed to interrupt you is going to be a priority so you can accomplish set tasks. As with most things, quality is more important than quantity. Plan out exactly what you what to accomplish in a set time frame.
  2. Manage stress levels.
    Stress is an inevitable part of being a student and a worker, so learn how to keep it in check. Take a day off, have regular breaks, get enough sleep, stay physically active, get out into the great outdoors and let yourself enjoy some of what life has to offer.

  3. Have a goal, be clear about your purpose for study.
    Maybe your aim is to achieve a more interesting career? For many people study is a way for them to meet challenges, or have self-fulfillment.
    Once you have set your larger goal, break up that goal into smaller parts. Set yourself a goal each week so you can still have a life. Maybe make it your goal at the start of the week to complete (or at least begin!) your assignment so you are able to reward yourself.

  4. Do not procrastinate.
    Delaying things may lead to piling of more and more work in the end. Another disadvantage of procrastination is that it only keeps adding more stress at the top of daily work load.
  5. Finally, remember why you’re doing it. You wouldn't be tackling work and school simultaneously if you didn't have good reasons. Although it may seem overwhelming at times, other people have succeeded, and so can you!

    Study and work both can take up an ample amount of time and very less time may remain for personal stuff. This is one of the major issues a student face. So, focus on your goal and the impending end result whenever it starts to feel like too much and then hopefully you will be able to complete your studies without putting too much stress on yourself.