5 Tips to Prepare you for your study in Aged Care

When you're looking to boost your career, or start a new one, vocational training is a great way to get started.

Currently in Adelaide, the aged care industry is growing fast, and here at Enable College we're doing everything we can to get our students out of the classroom and into the field. That said, whether you're fresh out of high school or looking to change your career, getting the best from your classes will require the right tools, forward planning, and a positive attitude toward learning. We know you've already got a great attitude and are just here to complement it with tools and methods to prepare yourself for success, so here are our 5 best tips to prepare for your aged care study:

1. Schedule with Google Calendar (or any smart calendar) 

One of the best ways to handle classes is to plan everything out ahead of time. If you are studying in class, we will give you an agenda that frames the course of study and gives important dates like practical classes and demonstrations. To make sure you're ready for every step of the process, you can enter all of these dates into a calendar app. We suggest Google Calendar because it's helpful, free, and compatible with both PCs and mobile devices. You can plan out your assignment due dates and the days of important practicals, then set alarms to remind you to do your course work, study, and get to class on time.

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2. Take Notes with Evernote

Taking notes is a personal experience for everyone. Some people use their own special short-hand and others like to connect reference links to every concept. However, most digital note taking methods are local-only, making it difficult to transfer between the notes taken on your home computer and those you take on your mobile device in class. We recommend Evernote as a flexible multi-device solution. This app allows you to not only take text notes but clip web pages, store helpful images, and dynamically search your notes to save you minutes of scrolling for a specific detail. You can even share your notes with friends to compare and combine your information.

3. Get Organised with Officeworks

Classroom learning always involves a few handouts that you'll need to keep track of. Assignments, schedules, and information pages are among the several kinds of loose paper you'll need to hold on to. The best way to handle your handouts is with organised folders. Officeworks is a reliable source of office and school supplies and will be able to help you find an organisation solution you'll enjoy. Some people like colored soft folders that fit neatly into a binder or bag, others prefer to hole-punch everything for a 3-ring solution, or you could get an accordion-style organiser. The possibilities are endless!

4. Update Your Social Profiles

Chances are that you have somewhere between one to five different social media accounts, and employers can find you on all of them. A great way to show your current or future employers that you're serious about studying for your career is by updating your profile status in each. As part of prepping your social media for employment, we encourage you to include your student experiences as statuses and feed updates to places like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Following pages from industry partners is always a good idea too, so you can keep up to date with what is happening in Adelaide's care industry. 

5. Write a Study Blog

Many employers like to see online work examples and consider well-written blogs to be good evidence of knowledge, activity, and commitment. Writing a blog about your experiences as a student is a great way to settle your new knowledge into place by sharing it with the world. By the time you've graduated, your blog can be shared with other students, build your online presence, and can be something to show employers as proof of dedicated expertise to your new career in aged care.

Starting a new career may be a little scary, but with the right preparation you'll be ready to tackle classes, stay organised, and always be ready for your upcoming practicals and work placement. Here at Enable College, we want each student to gain the best possible advantage from our coursework with great online tools and personal preparation.


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