Employment Opportunities in Disability

Featured News: March 30, 2018

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Labour Force Survey, the projected employment level of Aged and Disability carers is set to increase by over 60% by 2022.

Working with people who have a disability can give you great job satisfaction. Many job seekers may not even consider this employment care path. Those that do will be rewarded in many ways; not just financially but on a personal and professional level.


What do Disability Care workers do?

This work is very diverse.

Most people think it’s about helping a frail person in a wheelchair, this myth is soon dispelled and challenged. You will discover how much more interesting and diverse your role will become when you explore your options.

Of course, the majority of the duties will be focused on supporting a person with their day to day activities and the delivery of care and support, but that is not all.

Have you ever considered being paid to go ice skating or skateboarding or horse riding or trekking in the hills?

How about accompanying someone on an interstate or overseas as trip?

You might be asked to go to a restaurant with your client and assist them with their lunch or a special dinner celebration. You might be asked to help a client with their business, such as trading on the stock market or buying and selling properties, and your duties included driving them to important business meetings and lunches or even flying interstate to assist them with deals!

Whilst many workers may prefer to work in the mainstream area (assisting people with daily personal care) they soon discover the many other activities that make up part of this diverse role and while the day to day work of being a disability support worker may not always take you overseas or trekking, these are certainly the many prospects you will encounter if you are that special person.

It’s not just a job but a life career choice.


Why work in disability?

Diversity the mother of an interesting life.

Many people have many different reasons for working in the disability sector, some very personal, other simply enjoy the diversity and flexibility

Remember it’s not only a great job it’s a great career path and it is sustainable over your working life.

Start as a support worker and keep going. Find your future in the many service roles available. Some have ended up as nurses, psychologists, lecturers etc, and many have enjoyed their role at the grass roots and stay in the direct delivery of lifestyle care.


What Qualifications do I need to be a support worker?

A Certificate III is usually needed to work in this job. Our certificates in Disability care incorporate work placements to give our students first-hand experience within organisations in the Disability Industry. Our students gain hands-on experience working with established care professionals.


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