How to Keep Motivated While Studying

Featured News: March 29, 2018

Success in your study is generally linked to staying motivated. A motivated student will find it easier to put in the extra work to guarantee them success. Study Hard, not smart when you face that killer - procrastination.


The following steps will show you what you can do to get motivated and reach your study goals.


  1. Prepare your study space.

Find a quiet space where you won't be distracted. This could be a library, a cafe, a room in your house, or anywhere else that is free from excessive noise and interruptions. Avoid places where you're likely to run into your friends. Stock up on supplies, everything from pens to your post-it notes, oh, and don't forget the snacks! People are more productive when they're hydrated, and small snacks like peanuts, muesli bars or fruit will help keep you energised. Make sure you have everything you need, you don't want to interrupt your study time to get up and get more (this is an opportunity to get distracted).


  2. Prepare yourself

Make a study schedule. Set aside a specific block of time for studying for each day that you need it rather than telling yourself vaguely, "I'll have to study sometime this week." Planning it out will make it easier to stick to your resolution.


  3. Set study goals

Set concrete goals for your study session. Think about specific, achievable goals instead of vague generalities. Achieving these goals will make you feel accomplished at the end of your study session.
These aims could be either short-term goals (e.g. about an upcoming assessment) or long-term goals (e.g. about the achievements you want to reach during your studies). These long-term goals will help you visualise some of your achievements. This leads us to the next step!


   4. Visualise your achievements

Think of what you will achieve by studying. In order to keep up a positive attitude, try to visualise the good things that will come to you by studying. Imagine receiving praise from your trainer, or the good centre you might be planning to start work placement with. Although studying is sometimes boring and hard, thinking of the end result will keep you pushing ahead.


   5. No Procrastination

Do not procrastinate. If it is assigned Monday and due Friday, start on Monday and finish early in the week, so you don't have to worry about it at the last minute.


   6. Get Started

Just get started! Sometimes that can be the hardest part. If your study schedule looks too daunting, set a smaller goal. Consider reading half of the chapter today and half tomorrow. Just do one or two problems from the workbook. Remember that it is always better to do a little now than end up doing nothing at all.