Start a Job with a High Salary

Featured News: April 20, 2018

You’ve been thinking about getting a higher education, but which is valued more? A University Bachelor Degree or a Vocational Education Qualification?

You would automatically think that employers find greater value from a university degree, but a recent report compares the job outcomes for University Bachelor Degree graduates to Vocational Education Qualification graduates. And guess what, VET graduates outperformed their University graduating peers in more than one way.

These report figures debug any myth that studying a VET qualification will create a low paid career path with poor employment outcomes. It shows that the VET sector provides real work outcomes for graduates and delivers relevant industry skills that employers rely on their graduates to have to maintain efficiency.


High Starting salaries

When comparing salaries six months after graduating, the highest paid graduates from both sectors, Diploma of Project management, and Dentistry. Graduates from the Diploma started work with an average salary of $88,700 in comparison to $80,000 for Dentistry. On Average graduates from VET working full time after training were earning $56,900. In contrast, the median annual starting salary for bachelor students in their job was $54,000.


High employment Outcomes

VET is also ahead in delivering jobs for graduates. The percentage of graduates reaching employment outcomes six months after graduation is different for each level of qualification.

  • Diploma or higher VET qualification (78.7% were employed)
  • Certificate IV (80.6%)
  • Certificate III (74.7%)
  • Certificate II (55.6%)
  • Certificate I (47.0%).

This not only shows that completing a pre-bachelor qualification creates fantastic job prospects at each level, but shows that the organizations delivering these qualifications are delivering skills that are required by the industry.


  • 84.1% of graduates undertook an apprenticeship or traineeship six months after completing.
  • 74.2% of VET graduates were employed six months after completing training.
  • 67.4% of bachelor degree within four months of completing their studies.




VET is outperforming university when it comes to graduates gaining employment after completion.