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Challenge and Conquer the Mid-life Career Change

When your career comes to an end, or your employment situation is such that you must end it and move on, what do you do after the “Uh oh, I am about to do something very life-altering” idea has time to work through your brain?

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You take a walk through your life and figure out what it will mean to you on an emotional, professional and financial level; here is a 16-step survival plan:

  • The fun of financials: What do you need for basic survival, and will that amount make you happy until you find other employment? Consider everything from food for you and your pets to transportation, medicine, clothes and gifts. Pay off credit cards and keep them at zero balance every month. Stash as much cash as possible. Track your spending. And get medical coverage or be prepared to pay out of your own pocket.
  • Friends + family = support network: The transition will be exciting, exhilarating, exhausting, pit-of-the-stomach scary or all of the above. A solid support system cushions the emotional ride.
  • Mine (and mind) your mentors: Seek advice from anyone you've worked with whose experience you value. Former colleagues, fellow volunteers and members of professional organizations. Be prepared for answers you don't want to hear, but should.
  • MeetUp with new people: Social groups such as MeetUp serve a purpose beyond a social gathering. They bring local people with similar interests and backgrounds together in a group setting to share experiences and information.
  • Ask for a trial or guest membership to a professional organization in a career area that interests you. Attend meetings, establish contacts and build a new network.
  • Blogs are not idle reading: the good ones encourage discussion, provide useful information and provide an opportunity to connect.
  • Work your hobbies: If you cannot find a new full-time job or have not decided what to do, try making money from your leisure activities.
  • When looking at new employment, consider working with people and helping others as a way to give back to your community and make a living. A flexible school schedule helps transition you into a new career.
  • Stick to a schedule: When you are not working a regular job, it's easy to let the “I'll-do-it-later” syndrome start. Budget your time every day the way you budget your money.
  • Diversify your days: Don't neglect sleep, exercise, and fun in favor of looking for a new job 24/7. Your day may have changed, but your need to stay balanced has not.
  • Optimal organization: Spend your time living, working, learning and moving on by staying organized. Know what and how much you have and be kind to yourself for working hard.
  • Devoted due diligence: Accept the fact that looking for a job IS a job and treat it like one. Dress comfortably but neatly in your home work space. Shower, shave and style yourself as if you are in an outside work environment.
  • Consider nothing beneath you except the ground you walk on: Don't be one of those people unhappy at their current job, yet unwilling to consider a part-time job unless it meets all your criteria.
  • Love those lists: Part of being organized is the thrill of making lists and checking things off as you do them.
  • Save everywhere you can: Throw away spare change? That's non-cents! Get a jar, piggy bank, box or bucket. Toss your small change in it every day, then take it to the bank for deposit.
  • Trim your lifestyle: It's not how much you own, but how well you own it, use it and in the end, what you do with it. Before you replace, consider reuse, repair and recycle first. If you must replace, do your comparative research on price first.

If you've been considering a career shake up and aren't sure where to start, consider getting in contact with us at Enable College. We offer a range of studies and assistance that can get you a job in the Care and Support industries in Adelaide, fast.  

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