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Fast Track Your Employment in Aged Care with Short Courses

Whether you're looking for a new job or hoping for a raise, one of the best things you can do to impress employers is to get educated. All too often, adults take what they learned in their designated schooling years and try to stretch that across all types of job roles. Employment-savvy folks, on the other hand, understand that every hour you spend learning something new increases your value to employers and shows that you are willing to make excellent use of promotions by continuing on your course of self-improvement. The natural conflict is, of course, the time and money it takes to put yourself back into school, even for a little while. If you are looking for a way to ease yourself back into study and aren't ready to commit to a full course of study, a short course might just be the answer. 

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What are Short Courses?

Going back to school doesn't have to take up all free time and discretionary funds. Short courses are fantastic learning experiences are exactly what they sound like: very short classes that teach you concentrated lessons for industry-specific tasks. Colleges like Enable College focuses primarily on the support and  aged care industry, but the courses you take could help you in everything from teaching primary school to helping your neighbour with a sling. Each short course takes only one or two days and teach you valuable knowledge and job skills that will impress your employer and enhance your work performance. 

First Aid

With first aid short courses, you can not only learn important health and safety procedures like CPR and defibrillator use, they also earn you important health and safety certifications that employers in the health or support & care industries will be looking for. 

Provide First Aid HLTAID003

Previously known as Senior first aid, this course takes place over two days covering 13 hours of material. The initial first aid course will teach you how to perform CPR and follow single rescuer procedures. You will also learn how to deal with extreme allergic reactions, treat dangerous injuries and follow prompts for an automated defibrillator. For this course, you will need $150, which covers the entire unit.

CPR Update HLTAID001

Once you have become certified, you will need to update your first aid every year with a CPR update, this $85 lesson upgrades your first aid certificate to the most current nationally accredited unit of first aid competency. This takes your previous knowledge and adds more in-depth understanding and practice and, includes at least two simulated first aid scenarios in a workplace or community setting and teaches the legal responsibilities of a first responder.

Disabled and Elder Care

Caring for disabled adults and the elderly requires a special set of skills including safely interacting with patients and understanding their medications. You are able to learn these vital skills in both short and long form. If you're not looking to study a six month course, or just want to update and expand your skills, you can get started in the support & care industry with a few short courses.

Manual Handling

Moving heavy things, from boxes to people, requires careful and deliberate movements so you don't injure your back, arms, or the person you are helping. Manual handling courses take around 6.5 hours of a single day to train you in identifying, preparing, and successfully completing manual tasks. You will learn good posture management techniques for both you and your patients and study legally compliant workplace procedures. The course will cost around $150 and will leave you with Certificate of Competency not only for Manual handling, but the accredited unit HLTWHS005 that can go on your resume.

Manual Handling Update

For extensive patient needs, you can take the 3-hour, $85 update course which will boost your knowledge of healthcare specific patient management tasks. With the update, you will be able to work with hoists, hospital beds, and slide sheets by practicing on real equipment. This course will fulfil the needs to update your current Manual Handling certificate which needs to be updated every year for best practices. 

Assist Clients with Medication

Dealing with medicines should be something you do very carefully, especially when helping others. Enrolling in this one-day course costs $150 and will teach you how to store and handle medications, follow the correct procedures for administering medications, and help patients to self-administer their meds. You will also learn duty of care procedures, commonly used medications, and how to respond to unexpected incidents.

Child Care

Caring for children is a delicate task requiring a combination of empathy and vigilance. They need to be entertained, engaged in learning, and kept safe from environmental hazards.

Child Safe Environments and Update

In just one day, this course can teach you the correct procedures to create and maintain a child safe environment for in home or facility child care. You will learn about the correct values and attitudes, along with how to prevent and report problems that arise. The course will also cover the definitions and indicators of abuse and neglect, then teach you how to respond in compliance with the Children's Protection Act of 1993. Shorter than most short courses, this class requires $85 the first time, and the refresher update is only a 4-hour half day and $45.

First Aid in an Education and Care Setting

If you're looking at a career in Child Care, this short course is perfect, with a combination of first aid and child care, and has been approved by the ACECQA under the Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations of 2011. Here, you will spend 13 hours over 2 days learning how to respond to emergency situations, handle asthma and allergic reactions, perform CPR on young people, and accurately report an incident to emergency services. As you may have guessed, the 2-day course will only cost you $150.

Whether you're currently in a support & care position or are looking for a new job, these short courses will help you become incredibly competent in the workplace and get a leg up on the competition for hiring and raises. The time is perfect to enter the Care and Support industry, so for more information about our short courses or to enroll in Enable College, contact us today!

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