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Healthy and Active Ageing

Featured News: March 29, 2019

Staying as active as possible in life contributes a lot to healthy ageing. It especially applies to the adults aged 65 or older as they are at the greater risk of injuries, illnesses and various life-threatening diseases. It is crucial that they perform moderate physical activity for at least 30 minutes most days and, if possible, every day.

To achieve this goal, the Government has taken an important step by providing a multi-million dollar grant to help and promote healthy and active ageing of Australians. The grant will help organisations to deliver a diverse range of programs/courses for seniors to live independent and healthier.

Let us talk about three areas of physical activities that can improve overall health:

Aerobic Activities

Aerobic exercise includes brisk walking, jogging, biking, dancing, and swimming.

Perform aerobic activity for at least three days a week to help avoid excessive fatigue and reduce the risk of injury. It is better to perform any activity for 10 minutes at a time and take a break before you resume. The intensity of the activity depends upon the older adult's level of fitness.

Remember to start slowly! Aim for light or moderate intensity for short periods.

Balance Activities

Falls are one of the major causes of injury and death for senior citizens mostly the people over the age of 65. Participating in a regular physical activity will immensely help reduce the risk of falls in older people as it improves balance and strength. Older adults who are at risk of falling should engage in moderate senior- friendly exercises such as backward walking, sideways walking, tightrope walking, toe walking, and standing on one leg with the support.

Sport/ Fitness Classes

One of the most fun and safe way to stay fit is to join a fitness or sports class. It will not only keep you motivated but also provide a source of great fun, stress relief, and a place to meet new friends. They can participate in basketball, archery, pickleball, volleyball, and traditional sports such as golf and netball. These active opportunities will reduce the chances of illness, degeneration of muscles and bones, and even social isolation that comes with ageing.

In Conclusion

It is a fact that to remain healthy in old age; one has to remain active. It is better to consult your general physician who can advise for a care plan that can outline the physical activities best suited as per your condition and age. For older adults, it is always advisable to start physical activity under careful supervision

Enable College

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