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How to Get a Job in Aged Care in Adelaide

For anyone currently seeking a job in Adelaide or really anywhere on the Australian continent, there is one industry that, as far as anyone can tell, will never stop hiring.

The shortage of skilled aged care workers in Australia means that agencies and care communities are always looking for new skilled staff and you could easily be one of them. Aged Care is an incredibly rewarding occupation where you can spend every day assisting ageing Australian residents stay independent, happy, and healthy while enjoying their twilight years.

Each position requires a certain amount of expertise and medical training, and if you're not already an aged care worker you will want to follow a few steps before starting your application process.


Here's how to get a job in aged care:


Step 1) Choose your Specialty

When entering a career in aged care, there are two major paths that you can choose from to become a valuable skilled care provider and you'll want to have at least an idea of your desired career path when you begin training for the position. Fortunately, you don't have to be a fully registered nurse to get started, all you need is a specialised training course for the services you plan to provide. You can choose between learning to help people facing standard ageing struggles, learning to provide disability support, or a combination of the two in a somewhat longer and more comprehensive study.


Step 2) Get Educated

While there are 'casual' positions available in aged care, these are often temporary stop-gap measures while agencies look for skilled work. With the right certificate training, you can become that skilled work and earn yourself a permanent position in an aged care home service or care community. Unlike other careers, you don't need to go back to college and earn a whole new degree, just a few months of intensive learning.

Enable College in Adelaide offers three different certificate programs, and enrolling in any of them could also qualify you for WorkReady course subsidising.


Certificate III in Individual Support - Ageing

For a lifetime of employment assisting the elderly, the ageing course covered everything you need to know about supporting the struggles of ageing seniors. The course is made of 13 class units that can be covered over 6 months of study. The seven core units cover individualised care, supporting independence, communication with health services, diversity, legal and ethical protocols, physical health and body systems, and safe work practices. The three ageing units cover empowerment of older people, dementia support, and personal needs. Finally, you can choose from one of three electives including food services, assistance with medication, infection prevention and control, and workplace information processing. 


Certificate III in Individual Support - Disability

Many elderly are disabled either before they passed retirement age or as a cause of ageing. With a disability certificate, you could find work supporting both the ageing disabled and younger people who face similar challenges. This six-month course includes the seven individual support courses previously mentioned, along with four disability specialisation units.

You will learn to contribute to ongoing skills development, to follow established behavior supports, encourage community and social participation, and how to best empower people with disabilities. You can also choose two electives from the previous electives list, but with first aid as an added option. 


Certificate III in Individual Support - Ageing & Disability

Combining the two previous certificates over the course of 7 months, you can earn a complete CHC33015 certification. This course covers all the subjects in Ageing and Disability. This includes the seven core units, three ageing units, and four disability specialisation units along with a choice of two electives from the full list.


Step 3) Start Applying

Armed with a powerful certificate as a skilled aged care worker, you are now ready to seek a job in an industry experiencing an extreme shortage. For you, this means opportunities everywhere. While you can look through job boards, there's a good chance that simply choosing a company or service you like and applying will quickly result in interviews and a new position.

So now the choice is up to you. Good luck and enjoy your new career in aged care!