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Skills Needed in South Australia

Featured News: October 25, 2018

Knowing which industries are growing in South Australia could increase your chances of getting a job. 

The state's ageing population and the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme will place greater demands on the healthcare and social assistance industry, supporting diverse job opportunities for the skilled people in the State.

Service-based sectors have outperformed production sectors such as manufacturing over the past decade in South Australia. It implies that over the last ten years, employment in the care and support industry is quite secure and growing in South Australia by 40.7%.

It means that there will be a greater scope of career growth for healthcare professionals, qualified care workers and the students who are looking to build a career in the Personal Care, Aged Care, Disability Care, and Child Care, especially when supply and demand of workers in this sector are struggling to meet their requirements. 


Health Care and Social Assistance

Most of the training and qualifications in care and support industry are supported for subsidised course fees through WorkReady program by the South Australian Government.

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