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Why Study Assist Clients with Medication?

Assist Clients with Medication, what is it for? What will it add to your existing qualification?

These courses will help you prepare for and provide medication assistance, and complete medication documentation. They also involve supporting a client to self-administer medication. Designed as an upskilling course for people currently working in the health industry including aged and residential and community care sector.

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What will you be able to do?

This qualification gives community services and health workers authority in their state or territory to assist with the administration of medication.


What will you learn?
  • You will learn among other things:
  • Storage and handling of medications
  • Self preparation before assisting a client with medication
  • Client preparation before assisting with medication
  • Confirming procedures for medication to be administered
  • Personal hygiene procedures in assisting with medication
  • Duty of care procedures
  • Commonly used medications and terminologies to be aware of
  • Completing the required documentation
  • Appropriate action to take when incidences occur
  • Supervision of Clients during their self administration of medication
  • Possible reactions and side effects from medications
  • Assist/support medication administration according to prescription/instructions
  • The R’s (rights) of medication such as correct person, dose, route, etc
  • Complying with organisation’s procedures and procedures for handling the range of issues/ contingencies which may arise
  • Polypharmacy issues
  • Completing medication distribution and documentation


Entry Requirements?
  • Applicant must be employed or have completed their Certificate III in Aged Care/Disability or Health Support no more than three months prior and must be able to provide proof.
  • Applicant will be required to undertake a Literacy & Numeracy test and a Pre-Training Review prior to confirming your place, to ensure you are able to calculate and check correct dosage of medication, expiry dates and client information. This includes basic calculations of ratios and volume, be able to correctly check and interpret client information and dosage instructions. Click here to book your assessment. 



Upon completion you will be able to demonstrate essential knowledge required to effectively manage contingencies in the context of the work role. You will be able to consistently adhere to procedures and regulatory requirements for assisting with medication, including:

  • checking care plans and confirming details
  • checking medication, including expiry dates and dosage instructions
  • confirming client identity
  • calculating correct dosage
  • conducting pre and post administration client checks
  • cleaning equipment and disposed and stored medications according to organisation procedures
  • completing accurate documentation


Assist clients with Medication is the best way to add to your existing qualification. and for only $250.00 It will not only give you additional skills but will enable you to empower and assist your clients.


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