Why you Need Child Safe Environments Training

Featured News: June 01, 2018

The Department for Child Protection recommends that an update of the course should be undertaken within three years of completing the full day course.

The Children’s Protection Act 1993 requires certain organisations to provide a child safe environment. These types of organisations must have in place a child safe policy, meet relevant history obligations and lodge a compliance statement.

The types of organisations include:

  • health
  • welfare
  • education
  • recreational
  • religious
  • childcare
  • residential
  • cultural

Anyone working with or providing services for children in SA is a mandated notifier. This course provides information pertaining to Section 11 of the Children's Protection Act 1993 and the obligations you have as a mandated notifier.

If your certificate is dated out of this 3 year period, you will need to apply for the Child Safe Environment full day course.

Update before your qualification has expired!

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